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IT solutions for the financial sector.


Our flagship core banking product

Seamless integration

Seamless integration of portfolio management, financial accounting, reporting and business intelligence.

Multi-product platform

Multi-cycle loan products. Support for assets, liabilities, insurance and pension products under the same architecture.


A proprietary big data analytics & business intelligence engine.

Highly configurable and scalable

Cloud based scalable solutions, dynamic setup, and data filters

GL Financial Accounting module

GL based daily accrual accounting, customized CoA, P&L statements

Consolidated customer view

Consolidated view to manage all her/his relations and accounts.

Smooth migration

Migration of your accounts and related data from your legacy system(s).

Solutions designed to cater to a variety of financial institutions


MSME Lending

Housing Finance

Vehicle Finance

Gold Loans

Other Asset Finance companies

Deposit-taking NBFC

Stuffed full of Amazing Features

This is a non-inclusive listing of them

Cloud based SaaS

Intuitive and consistent UI

Big data analytics & intelligence

Regulatory compliant enrollment

Configurable products and rules

Dedicated support

Responsive Design

Simple & quick data entry screens

Administrative Control

Product piloting

About Us

We are a team of highly-skilled software engineers with vast experience in finance and technology motivated to provide cutting-edge solutions to financial institutions.

Our name - 'Q' in Qbrik refers to Quantitative and 'brik' (pronounced brick) indicates infrastructure.


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